In the year 1897, Viola Sigrun Vinter, beast slayer by trade, has a simple job: take an ornamental wooden stake, and kill a dhampir on the edge of town with it. What should have been an easy, willing target quickly goes awry, though, when the dhampir’s blood reacts with the stake, setting off a chain reaction of events leading to the sudden rise of Dracula’s castle. The dhampir, referring to themself only by the name “Belmont”, rushes to the castle realizing what’s been done, while Viola’s own guilt brings her alongside…

Viola Sigrun Vinter

Age: 28

Height: 159cm

A woman who spent her entire adulthood with no home, Viola needed an easy way to make money, and thanks to spending five years learning under a witch with a penchant for equivalent exchange alchemy (not magic, as she loves to get pedantic about), she found a career path as a monster killer with a twist; using a small, blob-like familiar by the name of Ciliary, who can shapeshift into enemies simply through taking enough blood from them–at the cost of not only her own left eye, but the blood that would flow through it, making her woozy easily if she isn’t careful.

Having spent so much time researching the art of transferring blood, guts and body parts, Viola is unsurprisingly neutral about seeing anything gory, and remains stone-faced at the most gruesome of sights… which makes it all the funnier when she gets creeped out by something she isn’t used to.


Age: ???

Height: 182cm

(207cm when stood up straight)

An immortal maiden of unknown origin, their first known records of existing were found sometimes in the mid-1700s. Now, well over a century later, with the few friends they had being long gone, they have little to do but sit alone, occasionally getting the urge to redecorate their home as a means of passing the time. While they were willing to die for the sake of someone else not going hungry, they immediately rejected Viola’s attempted assassination upon learning she would be paid in pittance for it.

As expected of a dhampir, “Belmont” is highly efficient in magic, though they prefer to use it as a means of enhancing physical weaponry, rather than simply using them as-is. If one looked hard enough, it might even bare a resemblance to a certain vampire hunter of old, though they’ll quickly deny it if you ask them.