[SCN: the duo walk into a room, looking not dissimilar to a waiting room at a fancy theater, to see an entrance suddenly forming before them, like an organic beast]

Ugh, creepyyyy.

I must admit, it’s amusing to see you squirm like this.
Does equivalent exchange alchemy not require a tough stomach?

It’s different when it’s unfamiliar!
I’d rather see a hundred dead bodies than this.

Regardless, this looks like a new path.
Interesting. I’d never think I would see a castle grow so organically…

You say that like you’ve seen Dracula’s castle before.


We should probably hurry up.

Dracula’s Castle


[The two fight through a crowded area, going through seating and dense hallways with mirrors, until they hit the center of a large, open room, a large curtain in the back. in the center, a small man rummages through what seems to be instrument cases]

Awful, awful, awful, awful…
Gah! This won’t do at all! I cannot bring love with instruments of such horrendous qualities!

Oh, for the love of—
How many humans are already in this damn castle!?

He certainly does not smell of a human, I will say that.

[the small man looks up… revealing bright red eyes and pure white skin, staring on suspiciously at “belmont”]

Eh? Who interrupts me?
I have seen you before. Have you been to one of my performances?

Strange, that you’d recall the individual faces of your audience.
And even stranger still, considering the last performance I had been to was over a hundred years ago.

Yes, yes! That one!
Ah, I had managed to bring the President of the United States weeping on his knees that night!
Such a beautiful time, it was!

So you must be Straussen, then.
Hmph. Wouldn’t have taken you to be the type attracted to vamprism.

But why wouldn’t I? There are so many more to feel love with!
Murderers! Dictators! Monsters the world over!
And now, with my precious finally at full power…

[a light flashes, revealing the same wooden stake viola had used, now bloodied]

I can even bring the lord of evil to my whims!

Wait, that stake was yours!?

I appreciate your help in this, little girl.
Do not worry. When I serenade Dracula myself,
I’ll make sure you still get your chump change!

I’ll make you rot in hell!

[viola dashes towards him with ciliary, only for the man to almost instantly slide through the wall, as the door the duo entered in ceases to exist, shifting away from view in a spread]

Damn it! How can he just do that!?

It would be trivial, with that dagger of his.
So long as he holds it, he holds control of this castle.

That little—

[the curtains behind them shift upward, with only darkness being revealed]

That energy I sense…
Viola, prepare yourself!

[once the curtain gets to the top, it reveals…]

King of Giants


[it’s the aria of sorrow fight, except because it’s the first boss the duo gets way more wiggle room to work with. upon balore’s defeat, ciliary takes his blood, and accesses:]

Keeping its shadowy face in the background,
Ciliary can use its massive fists to throw powerful punches.
Can sweep through enemies, and break walls.

[using the fists of balore, viola breaks out, and exits the ballroom]

[SCN: the duo enter a random room of the castle, looking as if it were a guest bedroom in a mansion]

Is this a bedroom?

Seems to be some kind of guest quarters.
Hm. It feels quite homely, actually.

Please don’t call something in this castle “homely”.

I can still appeciate well-placed furnishing when I see it, you know.
Especially with this kind of lighting and these decorations.
It’s beautiful. Although…

Uhhh, “Belmont”?
Why are you staring off like that?

I could see the chance for improvements, so it could be nearly perfect.
Perhaps if there were a loveseat over there in the corner, or—

HELLOOOOOO! What are you doing!?

My apologies. Interior decorating is simply a hobby of mine.

What use would you have doing that?

Is it so wrong to have something you simply enjoy for the sake of it?


[To the side, a merchant slowly paces into view]

Oh, more people.
And loud ones, as well. Goodness, such bellowing.
Though I suppose with that other fellow, I shouldn’t be surprised.
Perhaps only the loudest people go into this castle.

You’re not even a fighter?
The hell are you doing in Dracula’s castle?

That is a very good question, isn’t it.
I simply woke here in a daze.
Actually, still sort of in a daze, as we speak. Hm.

You wouldn’t happen to be willing to sell any of your goods, would you?

Dhampir, even if he WAS just some merchant, he’s winded out!
Why would he ever—

Actually, that does not sound so bad an idea.
Especially if I’m too tired to leave.
I suppose if you have any valuables, we can make arrangements.

Huuuuuh. Alright.
Guess we should see what we can buy.


You ARE going to actually do something other than stare at the poor guy, right?


Y’know, Dhampir, you really need to stop zoning out like that.

Trust me, you keep it up and you’ll go cross-eyed before too long.

What on earth would you even know about that?


E-erm, alright, I was referring more to the general idea of you knowing.

A-as opposed to, er.

As opposed to the, erm, situation, with, um.


Please stop staring while I’m lining up my eyes, you’re distracting me.

Y-your eyes?

What, you don’t seriously think I’d take one out for a familiar just to not use it, do you?

Now quit being weird about it. I swear, if I get a headache from going cross-eyed because you can’t shut up…

Ah. Hm.

V-very well, then.

Dracula’s Castle

Stadium Hall

[SCN: at the end of the hallway, higher up in the castle, quincy can be once again seen, having just defeated a gergoth and crouching in front of it]

What a disgusting beast that was!
Still, it is good that I was able to defeat it.
Who knows what lurks ahead… I must heal, posthaste.

[he uses a potion, complete with green healing effects]

Ah, far better.
Now, should that demon face me again—

[he quickly turns around]

I smell her!
Demon woman! What are you doing here!?

For the last goddamn time, I’m not a demon!

Lies! I know a summoning spirit when I see one!

I didn’t summon her, I made her! With alchemy!

Old man.

Maiden? What are you doing here?

That blood you were smelling was a dhampir’s blood.
Or, to be more specific… mine.

W-What!? Dracula has already brought about his own children, has he?
How could he—
Wait. Could those tomes on your belt be of Belnades origin?

That they are.

Foul woman! Do you realize what this means!
Those tomes have belonged to the Belmont clan for centuries,
and yet you treat them like extra toys!?

Wait, you have their tomes?

I grow tired of this.
Old man, if you want to try and take them from me, you can.

This won’t be like last time, beast!
Have at you!

Wielder of the Vampire Killer

Quincy Morris

[a much tougher fight than at the beginning on account of him being completely healthy and stocked up, quincy is thankfully a fairly big target for a human, but a combination of smoke bombs and holy water makes him surprisingly hard to get a hit in on. eventually, “belmont” looks him on as he lies defeated…]

Y-you foul creature! Who do you think you are!?


I have been given many names, over the centuries I have lived.
None of which have felt comfortable, merely useful as a means to an end.
But, no matter what, I have always felt certain about one part of it:

[they bring fire to their hands, pointing it near quincy’s face]

I am a Belmont.
Do not forget that, old man.

I-I refuse to believe it!
Maiden creature! We will meet again!

[quincy plants another smoke bomb, and is once again gone upon its dissipation]

You really are a Belmont, huh.

Are you not as skeptical as he is?

The loss of those family tomes would track with how long you’d live.
You’re either that, or a hell of a faker.

I suppose it is a strange thing to be, isn’t it.
A vampire and a Belmont, giving birth to a child.
It’s absurd.

And yet, here you are, in the flesh.


What’s so funny?

Aw, no wonder you’re such a goodie two-shoes!

Goodie two-shoes?
What are you referring to?

I met a couple of dhampirs before who were all stuck-up snobs,
but here you are, a hero overacting for the part!
No wonder I keep softening up to you!

…W-was that overdramatic of me to say to him?

No no no, that was great.
You know what, Belmont? You’re not too bad.
Let’s keep going!

V-very well.

[quincy drops another one of belnades’ tomes, allowing belmont to pick it up:]

A tome which modifies the speed of time itself,
allowing attacks to be sped up at a much faster rate,
while quickly draining away magic.