Beast slayer by trade, Viola relies on her trusty familiar, Ciliary, to score kills alongside her dual-wielded light weaponry.

Use Viola's first weapon.
Use Viola's second weapon.
Use Ciliary's attacks in its current forme.
+ Use a secondary attack from Ciliary.
Automatically make Ciliary move behind Viola.
+ Automatically make Ciliary move in front of Viola.
+ Keep Ciliary in the current position it's in. Will automatically move once far enough away.
WEREWOLF The default forme for Ciliary, it’s reasonably fast and attacks in heavy swipes.
Use quick swipes. Can land three in quick succession with repeated presses.
+ Dash forward in a line with claws, hitting all enemies in front of it.
BALORE Hiding its face in the background, its slow-moving fists deal huge damage.
Throw a fist. The first press will throw one forward; press again, and the other fist will throw backward.
+ Using both fists, crash from above directly into the floor. Viola, uh, might want to move before it does this.
CANADENSIS A strange little siren, it moves at a snail's pace unless submerged.
Attempt to control any enemies in an area of effect. If successful, enemies will begin to attack one another.
+ Quickly (or very slowly, when not in water) dashes forward to grab an enemy, making it immobile for a short time.
ELIGOR A large centaur with a giant sword, this forme works best on flat ground.
Charges ahead, sword pointed forward. The longer you hold down , the further it goes.
+ Take a swing from its sword, covering a large arc forward.
AUTO Shoots arrows from its torso at nearby enemies for low damage.


A dhampir with a knack for magically enhancing heavy weaponry, their speed is surprisingly unmatched.

Use Belmont’s light attack.
Use Belmont’s heavy attack.
+ / Use magical versions of Belmont’s light and heavy attacks, based on which tome they currently wield.
+ Use magic to move around the area. Depending on tome, this could result in anything from dodges to flight.
THUNDER A tome that creates bolts of lightning. A good defensive magic for keeping away.
+ Creates an electric effect out of Belmont's light attack.
+ While Belmont's heavy attack goes off, fires a large lightning bolt forward.
Quickly dash backwards. This can be done mid-air, and uses no magic to do, making it an easy way to get out of dodge.
FLAMES A tome that creates fire from nothing. A good offensive magic for being aggressive.
+ Creates a fiery effect out of Belmont's light attack.
+ Charges Belmont forward, before landing their heavy attack.
Quickly dash forward. This can be done mid-air, and uses no magic to do, making it an easy way to push ahead of a crowd.
TIME A tome that manipulates time itself to speed up attacks. Good for quickly getting in hits.
+ Quickly attack three times in a row, in the same time it would take to use one light attack.
+ Cuts the time of a heavy attack in half. Drains magic quickly.
Dodge an attack in place, being invulnerable as you do so. In mid air, this will hold you in place for a short while.
+ On the ground, dodge in a direction of your choice.