(SCN: Near the wood path leading to the forest, on the outskirts of Comercia City, two members of IS are arguing)

IS1: W-WHAT!? That's not possible!

IS2: I know, I know, but it's true! It doesn't respond to any demands whatsoever! Even the most blatant goading into destroying the trees does nothing to it!

IS1: Then sic one of our Pokemon on it, you dope!

IS2: I tried, and it knocked them all out within seconds! And then it knocked me out, and I woke up right here! It's like it became a spirit of the forest!
This Guineag... i-it's too normal for us! Too complacent in its mediocrity! It simply doesn't care enough to do anything!

IS1: Grrrrr... This Guineag...

(Je appears behind them)

Je: Guin...eag?

IS2: Shoot, it's the leader here! Run for it!

(The IS members vamoose)

Je: Hm. Funny lil' men.

(Je turns towards the player)

Je: You heard 'em, too, right? Talkin' about something called a Guineag.
I think... I heard the Professor with all those Eevee-adjacents talk about it. Old Pokemon that went extinct 'cus it was a simple rodent in a place with lots of complex rodents.
Lifespan on it wasn't so good, neither. They mentioned it bein' like a spirit, right? Maybe s'a ghost of some kind now, with the way they messed it all up.
yawn But they also said it can't even be bothered to disrupt the environment at all. Sounds like a chill lil' Pokemon to have in there, if all it does is spook the invasive ones away.
Soooo don't gotta do nothin'. Gosh, I wish every problem I had was this easy.

[...Can I go in?]

Je: Eh? You wanna see it f'r yourself?
Well, I'm s'posed to actually tell some fancy-pants government folk about this, so technically I can't stop you.
(as she walks away) Maybe if you show it to them they'll let you do crimes for free or somethin'...