(SCN: in the middle of the night, Je is seen in the park muttering something to herself, walking slowly)

Je: Food food foooooood.
Je needs a foodstuff.

[Food?] [At this hour?]

Je: [Food?] Yep, just like Hec told me to get over the phone. Hec's real nice to me, makes sure I 'member to get some all the time.
[At this hour?] Yep, good ol' Value Market is open all the time, all the time. Good f'r folk like me, means I can get food now instead of forgettin' in six or so hours.

Je: Food's good to have, 'specially for a girl like me who forgets to get more. Wonder if they got fresh popcorn back in stock...
Oh, gotta go to the store to check. Right.

(Je slooooowly walks off, and the player can then see her in the store itself, looking at milk with a basket full of popcorn)

Je: Hmmmmmm. Hec said t'get the lactose-free Moomoo Milk, I think.
Buuuuut that price doesn't seem right...
Eh? Oh, s'the challenger again. Are you here to get food too?

[What's the problem?] [Your basket...?]

Je: [What's the problem?] Oh, Hec told me I should get milk 'cus then I'll have protein, but I can't drink the cheapo stuff or my tummy'll hurt.
[Your basket...?] Popcoooorn. Popcorn good, I want more popcorn. Ohhhh, wait, did you also want some, challenger? You can take some, I don't mind.

Je: I'm not too good at this shopping stuff, I know. When me n' Hec were with family, it was easier 'cus he knows how to handle it, but then my oldest bro...
Bad thoughts. Don't like those.
[as she walks away] Maybe if I take a detour down the wood path I c'n distract myself.

(and, finally, on the wood path in question... her blanket and paper shopping bags are strewn about on the floor! move off the beaten path, and...)

Mightyena: GrrRRRrr.

(Je is seen blanketless, holding an injured Boobat near her chest and kneeling on the ground, looking towards the mightyena)

Je: No! Go away! It's not doing anything to you!
S-stop! Don't hurt it anymore!

(The Mightyena keeps growling, but eventually gets bored, walking off, and Je looks down at the Boobat)

Je: Are... are you okay, Boobat?

Boobat: various affirmative noises

Je: Y-you're okay. That's good.
It's going to be alright now, okay, Boobat? You're safe now, you're safe now...

(quick fade out and back in, Je has her blanket back on)

Je: Oh, s'the challenger again. I-I'm guessing you saw that.

[What happened?]

Je: I-I'unno, to be honest. I was just walkin' through, and then I saw an injured Boobat next to an angry Mightyena...
And then before I knew it, I was already holdin' it tight. Felt like it was instant.
It just seemed like the right thing to do. I'unno.

(Je turns around, head tilted down)

Je: When I was lil'... I was never someone who could help others. I was the one gettin' yelled at, or made to do stuff I didn't wanna do.
So it was always Hec helpin' me. Hec's the one who'd tell my old folks off when they'd try to throw my plushes away, or start a fight when our oldest brother'd try and trap me in my room f'r lookin' at dresses.
Hec's the greatest guy I ever know, n'all, but... it hurts, not bein' able to help everyone like he does.
S'why I'm training to be as strong as I am. I wanna help like he does. And then, maybe... maybe one day, I can even help him, like he's always helped me.

(She turns slightly, to look at a now-flying-again Boobat)

Je: Hmmm.
......Lil' Hec.
D'ya think that'd be a nice name, little guy?

Boobat: excited noises

Je: Ehehehe. That's good, that's good.