Welcome, passengers!
  • begin with a fade into a dark train, entirely silhouetted, with only its windows lit up
Are you new to the city of Stratta?
If so, TransAction LLC would like to help you,
as you uncover our beautiful landscape.
Why not start with a relaxing drink,
at one of our fine cafes, or calming night bars?
Or, go sightseeing with shopping bags in hand,
in the wonderful world of Railtown!
We can help you find the best spots, and more,
in our honorary 100th anniversary map.
Just head to a TransAction kiosk,
right outside the train station.
  • the train doors open and close, with a skinny, small silhouette and a much larger one entering.
This train is heading towards Little Italy station.
Please, do not block the doors.
  • the two silhouettes finally sit down…

You didn’t have to do that.
Should I have just left you for dead, then?
If you wanted to keep yourself alive anytime soon,
maybe you should have, yeah.
You say that like I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into.
Those weren’t just some random street punks you were—
I know.
I-I’m aware, alright?
That’s why I tried to stop them.
I know you seem capable and all,
But no human body can handle that punishment.
Soon you won’t even be able to walk correctly,
with the way you—
I’m not lasting that long.
I don’t care.
I didn’t know that was…
M-my apologies.
You don’t need to say that.
It’s reasonable,
trying to stop someone with a death wish.
But lifespans for folk like me aren’t high.
The world doesn’t let me live without a fight.
Might as well make peace with it,
maybe see if I can delay it for others.
That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Can I…
get your name, at least?

Tara Heartbreak.
I see.
is quite the peculiar name.
Yeah, well,
government lets you put whatever on a name change form.
So, uh.
What’s yours?

Tara Heartbreak
Big Body w/ Disability

Age: 25
Height: 200cm

Dislikes: Feeling Useless

Well, even if we don’t find her,
this one’s got enough money for a good damn meal!
Uh, hey, chief.
You sure this ain’t her?
Recall him mentionin’ the blonde hair an’ all.
Nah, nah.
’Member the other part of that description?
She’s some strong motherfucker,
not whatever this sad wreck is.
Ohhhh. S’a good point, chief.
You know what, though?
Let’s call this our lil’ insurance policy.
If this is her, she ain’t walking far!
Heheheheh, smart stuff, chief!
Eh? What’s going on over there?
Oh, hell, someone saw us!
Let’s scram!
Eh? Tara, girl, what’re you doing?
…Did you sleep with your eyes open?
Joe Palladino
Simple Shopcarter

Age: 57
Height: 179cm

Dislikes: Anyone Swindling the Poor

You know it’s 2AM, right?
It is?
I could have sworn I sat down around 10.
Christsake, girl.
Did you even notice your stuff getting stolen?
My stuff got stolen?
Where’s my cane.
T-they took your CANE!?
Do those things even have resale value?
God damn it.
I need to get it back.
I gotta go—
Tara, girl, quit rushing yourself!
Did you forget why you needed that damn thing!?
I can handle the pain.
But usually,
it at least holds long enough to stand.
Damn it, Tara,
that’s what a leg does when you keep injurin’ it!
Do you think I just use my knees all the time,
after they stopped working properly!?
Alright, up up up. Hold onto me.
Do you know where they went?
Up the hill northeast,
towards Little Italy.
I’ll head there, then.
Need any help getting there?
Because, like, hey,
it wouldn’t hurt to get some assistance!
You aren’t moving until I leave, are you.
Fuck’s sake, Tara.
Fine, I’ll go, alright?
Just keep in mind, though:
There’s been folk out there,
looking for you all night.
None look like they just wanted to talk, neither.
Especially if you’re out one leg…
Just be careful out there.
(I can barely go up these with my cane,)
(much less without.)
(No, I don’t have time to go around.)
(It’ll be fine.)
(God damn it.)
(If I keep this up,)
(I won’t have the energy to fight.)
(Shut up and swallow your pride, Tara.)
(Whatever. I’ll go around.)
Who the hell just ends a road like that!?
This city makes no damn sense!
This is a weird place, chief—
Uh oh. Looks like the sad-wreck limped to us.
It’s one thing to take my money.
But to see a woman with a cane,
and steal it for your own entertainment?
A pathetic bunch, aren’t you.
Aww, does the old lady wanna do something about it?
Fine! I’m getting sick of seeing no action here, anyways!
Paul Jofasa…
don’t fail me now.
Tara Heartbreak
Two-Handed Stance

A wrestling style focused on palm strikes and grappling,
taught to her many years ago by a man simply known within the city of Stratta as The Legendary Wrestler, Paul Jofasa.
Causes self-damage to move in this stance, so be careful.

The Legendary Wrestler

Using speedy palm-based strikes instead of closed fists,
attacks deal 2x damage, but can only land one hit at a time.
Brass knuckles are useless, but wrist tape is effective.

Chief, the sad wrecks here sure are scary.
How the hell can a lady with a bum leg work this hard…
Who the fuck are you?

Just someone with a sense of sentimentality.
W-why’re you only takin’ the loonies?
I just need enough money to get home.
Keep the rest, for all I care.
The folk in this city are confusing, chief.
No kiddin’.
Knew we should’ve just picked a job in Alberta.
(Now, to take the bus home.)
(Hopefully, the 20 is more tolerable at this hour…)
Hey, Larissa.
…it’s me again.
It’ll be a whole year since you’ve been gone, soon.
Doesn’t feel like it, but,
I guess that’s just how it is,
when it feels like there’s less to live for.
I’ve been recalling the first time we met recently.
You were real overprotective from the getgo, huh.
Didn’t even know my name,
and you stuck your neck out for me.
I remember when you told me all that,
I wasn’t really thinking that it would amount to much.
What’s some broken legs matter,
if you don’t think you’ll live to twenty-five, right?
Here I am, I guess. You were right.
Two and a half decades on this planet,
and I can’t even get off benches on my own.
Can you believe I used to love it here?
I thought this was the only place anyone could ever go,
no matter their troubles.
No matter who they happened to be.
Then I stopped being able to walk up a couple stairs,
and suddenly,
every other square meter’s a fucking danger zone.
still don’t understand, though.
Even after all this time.
[cut to a forest fire]
You had an entire life ahead of you.
A career, a way to live happily,
a family that supported you.
[cut to two silhouettes between a burning tree]
Why did you stop me?
[cut to a closeup, a hand suddenly pushing the bigger silhouette away]
Why didn’t you let me save you?
[fade to black]
Why couldn’t I have died instead?
[BANG, flash of white that fades quickly to black]