FATES: The Royal’s Tactician

An orphan whose childhood was spent on helping other thieves easily break into noblemen’s homes, Lavarid’s life took a turn for the strange when, while trying to scout as a teenager, they stumbled upon a royal princess, curled up in an alleyway. Finding out that she lives in a fortress on the opposite side of Nohr, they take it upon themself to bring her home, only to find themself passing out from starvation on an old country road… and then waking up in the most comfortable bed they had ever laid on, as they’re told that they’ve become the retainer to the princess, Corrin.

As they’re able to live a life of luxury for the first time, and as Corrin is far too kind to ever be able to act like a bossy figure, they’re content to lock their past away, and spend their life cooped up in the fortress to train, only recalling their childhood through deep dreams. But as the years pass, their nightmares becoming more vivid with the memories of that walk from the city, Corrin’s desperate need to leave starts a chain reaction of events, leading to a war nobody wants, and the questions the newly-deemed tactician suppressed themself out of asking all begin to bubble up.

How did they survive that night? What led to them being brought here? And how did they get a mark on their hand, an emblem of a beast with an eye, that glows a blinding light whenever she’s near by? As two nations enter a senseless battle, it seems the only way to find out is through blood and tears…