The first time Lucina had met her, she was passed out on the grass.

It was a strange sight to see on the first day of college, especially given Lucina had not expected to see anyone else in the college so early in the morning. It's only 6:30, after all, and the first class isn't until hours later, yet here's someone snoring away in the courtyard like she'd been here for hours.

Odd looking one, too. Fairly young, if not clearly having a bit of an insomnia issue with how tired she looks, yet her entire hair is patches of silver and autumn, as if she had years of anxiety trapped hard enough for it to all want to fall apart. A first glance would take her to be on the poor side, with roughened up clothing that has shown years of use hidden under a scruffed up cardigan, but she can't be homeless, because Lucina knows the administrator for this college, and he would have already been the most despicable kind of person to her by now if that were the case.

She's sleeping quite peacefully, though, considering she's on solid ground. She must be quite used to sleeping like this.


Oh, Lucina must have woken her up. Not that deep a sleeper, then.

The girl stretches her arms out as she sits herself up, yawning in an adorable high-pitched tone that contrasts with her large stature, before realizing that someone else is there, startling herself into shock.

"Oh!" The woman quickly looks away in embarassment. "I mean, um, okay, I can explain, I got here too early and all the cafes weren't open and---"

"No need to worry." Lucina smiles, trying to calm the poor girl. "I'm surprised you can rest on the ground, though. Far better places to sleep, around here."

"Are there?" She looks to the ground, the grass she was on leaving a slight imprint. "I-I dunno. Not exactly anything cushiony, and at least the grass smells nice, I think."

"I suppose that's a good point." Lucina sits down next to her, taking in the morning dew. "It's always quite nice to take in this early, isn't it."

"Yeah." The stranger scratches the back of her head, before her eyes suddenly widen. "Wait, shit, how early is it? Did I already miss class or---"

"Settle down, the sun's barely even out yet." Lucina smiles again, which is apparently a surefire strategy against this girl since her shoulders quickly relax. "If you'd like, I can just call you when classes are soon."

The girl looks slightly surprised. "You would do that?"

"Of course."

While the girl throws open the flap to her shoulder bag, digging through to presumably get an agenda out, Lucina takes a look closer at her. Given how she must look to others, most must take her to be a threatening old lady; she's massive in height, certainly hitting well above six feet, and the nature of her silver hair with how tired she seems to be would paint a picture that's quite likely discriminatory in a dozen different ways. If a particularly rancid kind of person were to see her (probably also the administrator, to be honest), they'd likely treat her as some kind of predator for even being around a bunch of young people in a college.

Those points of view always seemed quite alien to them, though. When Lucina had met the woman that went on to be their best friend, everyone spoke of her as if she were an angry enigma of shallowness, but even one glance into her eyes revealed fear, not hate or anger, a feeling which turned out to be very true. This woman feels similar, her brown irises showing no hints of negativity, so much as there is a discerning confusion for everything she's focused on, as if she's never quite sure if she's doing anything correctly.

Lucina could be off on that, though. No need to act like all this psychoanalysis is accurate.

"Okay, uh, my first class is Mister..." She squints at her journal. "Eee-ther? Aye-ther?"

"You got it the first time." Lucina stifles laughter, knowing how nobody ever gets that name right. "Looks like we'll be heading to the same class, then."

"You're taking literature too!?" The girl gets a glint in her eyes for a moment, before composing herself. "I mean, um, y-yeah! That's cool, I-I guess."

"Isn't it?" Lucina can't help but giggle this time, to the stranger's embarassment. "You seem like you're excited for it."

"I-I suppose I am, maybe..." She hides in her cardigan, face turning red in a way that's kind of adorable. "Writing's fun."

"Oh? Is there anything you've written?"

"I mean, um, n-none of it's very good or anything, just a bunch of poetry."

"I think that sounds nice." Lucina smiles again.

"I-it does?"

The girl keeps glancing to another notebook in her bag, her lips hesitating to say something else.

"I. Um. Okay. I'm not the best at picking up these kinds of cues, so I might be way off on my assumption here but the way you were talking about it---"

"I'd like to hear some of it."

To Lucina's delight, she immediately lights up.

The next few hours went quickly, as listening to amateur poetry quickly went to talking about fanfiction, which went to delving into their favorite shows, before trailing into games that the girl would shamefully admit into pouring far too much time into. The girl wasn't the best with her words, stumbling through her words like she isn't quite used to talking to others, but she had passion for all of it, stars lighting up in her darkened eyes every time she recalled something else to feel excited about. It was all so entrancing, her happiness so contagious, that it wasn't until minutes before class that Lucina actually got her name: Robin Grimleal. Her name befits her love for fantasy, if nothing else.

It made the first day of class feel whole, because of her. It felt nice to be able to bring a smile to her face.

Perhaps they could do that more often.

Sev~: Luc.

This was absolutely not what Lucina meant by that.

Sev~: Luc swear to fucking god you better answer me
Sev~: Don't make me throw something at you I'll do it

It's been several months into college now, and more importantly, two weeks since an extremely dangerous event had occurred. A dangerous event that, among another things, involved blurting out insecurities at their crush, wearing an androgynous cosplay of their roleplaying character in public in the hopes of coping, getting confusing upsetting thoughts resulting in them cutting their hair short in a depressed state, going to a bar because Severa said that's how they could drink some of the sadness off and then, um.


Let's just say they got Robin to smile in a lot of different ways that night.

Luc: Sev what is it
Sev~: Don't you What Is It at me!
Sev~: You know exactly what you did!!!!
Luc: Actually I don't
Luc: You could be yelling at me for several things
Luc: Like not wearing matching socks
Sev~: I
Sev~: Wait
Luc: It is dark in the morning and I just pick whichever ones feel similar
Sev~: Turn on some lights!!!!
Luc: I will not blind myself to do something only you care about
Sev~: Luc I swear to
Sev~: Wait no not my point
Sev~: There are bigger matters at hand
Sev~: Like how that woman is REACTING TO YOU LUC

They were kind of banking on the hopes that she hadn't remembered anything about it, because, to be fair, it's somewhat hazey for them as well, and they barely drunk a sip next to how much she was gulping down.

She remembered. Oh, dear sweet Jesus, she remembered, and now she is terrified to look in their direction without breaking into a kind of blushing grin, one that gives them a lot of happy feelings that they absolutely should not think on for too long in public.

Apparently, their best friend also noticed this. Oh, dear.

Luc: It's er
Luc: How do I put this
Luc: Do you remember what you said about that one bar?
Sev~: Outrealm?
Sev~: Why would that even

There's a silence from the girl, and Lucina's fairly confident they can hear a tapping on the desk behind them where Severa sits.

Sev~: You didn't
Luc: Ok how do I put this without embarassing myself
Luc: Well
Luc: It had nice drinks
Luc: I don't know what I actually drank though
Sev~: Luc
Luc: I wasn't very bright and bought vodka so someone else mixed in actual drink for me
Luc: Kinda like this gingery limey thing? It tasted good I think
Sev~: Luc what did you do with her
Luc: It was
Luc: The second nicest thing
Luc: I tasted that night

Lucina hears a phone drop to the ground with a loud thud, followed by the scraping of chairs as their best friend scrambles to pick it up.

Luc: Actually no that might have been a more embarassing way to put it wow
Sev~: Lucina
Sev~: Von
Luc: I think I get to partially blame this on you since you got me to go there
Sev~: OK ONE
Luc: You were?
Sev~: Oh no, like, of course I'd want you to go to the kind of place my mom would show up in
Sev~: OBVIOUSLY that's not a sign that it's a dated shithole with nothing but old grandmas, clearly!!!
Luc: Actually there's nothing but old grandmas and one very beautiful woman
Sev~: Ok but two! How do you even get from THINKING SHE WANTS TO BONE YOUR DAD
Sev~: TO
Luc: In a non cisnormative world it would absolutely qualify as fucking
Sev~: I
Luc: Among other forms of foreplay
Luc: Actually
Luc: I just remembered something else I tasted
Luc: I'll need to drop that drink down to a bronze medal I think

Lucina hears a fist being slammed directly into wood. That one was definitely Severa, yes.

Sev~: Lucina
Sev~: I do not want to hear
Sev~: the details of YOUR
Sev~: GUH
Luc: I apologize for letting slip the fucking
Luc: That I did
Luc: Very vigorously I must add

Lucina's actually startled at how forward they got about this, given they were anxious about it, but then they could say the same about when that happened at all, in that bar. There's something about that event, seeing Robin calm at their slightest touch that made them suddenly more willing than terrified.

Robin seems to make Lucina do a lot of things, it seems.


It is ten in the morning on a Tuesday and you are sitting in the middle of a college food court, Lucina, please don't think too hard into this.

Sev~: Wait
Sev~: Were you still in
Luc: The Hero King attire yes
Sev~: You
Sev~: Fucked in the goddamn LARPING COSPLAY I MADE FOR YOU
Luc: It might have genuinely been the thing that made it all come together
Luc: Wait what do you mean
Luc: Oh right
Luc: Coming together
Luc: Well that did also happen

Still, as fun as it is to gloat that Lucina has done something other than yearn for the first time in their life, this doesn't seem ideal. Talking to her was genuinely very pleasant, and they haven't been able to do that at all recently, primarily due to the whole fucking-in-a-bar thing. Everything feels a bit heavier, without her excitedly discussing recent novels she's read.

It's not entirely like Robin makes them feel lewd thoughts. Just, erm, when they see her face doing that thing.

Which, currently, is most of the time.

Luc: Do you think I could talk to her
Sev~: Wh
Sev~: I'm sorry
Sev~: You did fuck her correct
Luc: I did
Sev~: And now you're worried about
Sev~: Talking to her
Luc: It was kind of a spontaneous thing
Luc: Also we were drunk and sad
Sev~: God
Sev~: GOD
Sev~: I cannot believe you're the first one here to have gotten laid
Sev~: You're so useless you had to basically trip into someone else's tits
Sev~: OH MY G O D
Luc: I
Luc: Hm
Luc: Honestly fair point
Sev~: Actually
Sev~: You know what

Lucina hears her stand from the seat.

Sev~: You can thank me later for this if you want
Sev~: But I want you to know this is mostly me getting back for everything you said just now

Severa walks towards Robin.



Severa's walking toward Robin.

Oh no, what is she doing.