Áine Navarro is a twenty-year-old woman who sees herself as having been destined to die an early, spiteful death, and has lived her life as such, getting into conflict after conflict with no expectation of safety. After a bad fistfight too many left her a bloodied mess one night, her life is suddenly saved by a trickster spirit, who wants repayment in the form of a deal, for the spirit to “stay with her for the rest of her mortal life” (read: give work to, and otherwise generally mooch off of her for about fifty to seventy years). The scarred-up woman accepts immediately, leaving the spirit, Bee, absolutely confused as to why her first deal worked out this easily… and then, upon realizing how much longer Áine expects to live, is suddenly aware of what she’s gotten into.

Not content letting her new lazy life slip away this easily, the odd girl’s now tasked with keeping the world’s most precarious kind of woman alive, as she tries to navigate a system of the immortal that isn’t quite used to spirits wanting their problematic mortal counterparts to continue living.

(OR: jokes comic about spirit girl attempting to get this fucking lady to stop fighting everyone as she navigates the broken trans healthcaaaaauuuuhhhh i mean spirit system what no there’s no metaphors here)