(SCN: the challenger is walking through the forest, as je is near the comercia city entrance, watering some berry trees and spreading an unknown powder over it)

Je: Dum-de-dum-de-dum...
Oh? Hello, challenger. Walkin' through the forest again?
It's a nice little place, isn't it? I oughta evolve Lil' Hec here soon, make him into a big strong Phantobat. That'd be neat, right?

[What are you spreading?]

Je: Puttin' some Wailord-Gro all about, of course.
...You do know what that is, don'tcha?

[Erm, definitely.] [No...]

Je: [Erm, definitely.] Oh, well in that case--hey, wait a minute! Why'd you ask me what I was spreadin' if you already knew?
[No...] Eh!? But you already got a Wailmer Pail, right? How'd nobody show you by now?

Je: Well, jeez , challenger, looks like I gotta help you out, then. C'mon, the fella I got this from should still be nearby...

(deeper in the forest, a tall, rugged man sits cross-legged next to a budew, tending to a small berry patch, his eyes darkened)

???: No, no, nononono, don't, don't do this... don't you--

Budew: Bud!

(budew hops up and down in front of him as his eyes suddenly light up)

???: Wh--? A-ah, Budew. My apologies for causing you any unnecessary stress.

Budew: Buuuud.

???: Well, erm, that is to say...
[sigh] I know you're used to this by now. I simply do not wish to put you through all this every time it happens.

(enter the challenger, and je, slowly wobbling in as is her wont)

Je: Didiiiiiiii.

???: Je? Did you already use up the Wailord-Gro?
I hope you know that I don't plan on giving you more just to waste it all on the Sitrus Berry tree again.

Je: Nuh uh, I learned my lesson. Extra-grown Sitrus Berries don't taste as good, anyhow.
Nope, I'm here to help out the lil' challenger here. They've never even heard of Wailord-Gro before, the poor kid!

(je turns around, facing the challenger)

Je: This is Diede. He's usually a wandering Pokemon Ranger type, but he does a whole lotta planting berries when he has the time, too.

Diede: Yes, I was told many years ago by an old friend that it's a good way to calm nerves, and he was certainly right.
I end up obtaining a lot of Wailord-Gro in my travels, but because I enjoy being patient around berry trees, I never have a use for them.

Je: Sooooo you can give some to the challenger to let 'em try, right?

Diede: Not while you're around, young lady. I've seen how fast you can run.
Take this Wailmer Pail, and water the rest of these trees. It will make up for the time I'm losing helping you out, at least.

Je: Wehhhhh, fine.
You better be grateful, oke, challenger? I don't do this stuff for folk I don't respect.

(je saunters off with the pail)

Diede: You must be quite the interesting trainer, if she's willing to talk to you like that.
She's usually quite angry-acting otherwise, after all.

[Angry?????] [Are you sure about that?]

Diede: Has she not been recently...? Well, then. I'm glad for her.
You see, when we had first met through my sister, Evi, she was an angry-looking person.
She had these livid, tired eyes, like she was plotting to cause harm. Her aura of hostility was overwhelming.
But Evi and I knew her face more than anything. It's what happens when terrible events turn you into stone.
And, when you feel regret, aching enough for some sentences to never leave your head, repeating louder than the words around you.
It is difficult to overcome. People will believe the you in that state to be the real you... and if you are not careful, it very well might be.
But, you say she doesn't do that anymore?
Of course, you may not be the best to ask this, but. What do you think her thoughts are about now?

[Battle Strategies] [Popcorn Preferences]
[Where To Find The Closest Meowth Nearby]

Diede: ...Pfffthahahahaha!
Well, with things like that, it's no wonder she's managed so well. Her friends must be quite the help.

Budew: Budbudbud.

Diede: Ah, right, they were here for a reason, weren't they. Allow me.

[You got five satchels of Wailord-Gro!]

Diede: Wailord-Gro speeds up the rate that berry trees produce berries, by a little under twelve hours each.
So, if you use two, you'll get berries within minutes--though there won't be as many berries as if you simply waited the full day, of course.

(je waltzes back in)

Je: Didiiiiiiiiii, I did it.

Diede: Ah, good work, Je. Thank you.

(diede stands up)

Diede: Well, challenger, we'll likely meet again around the region. Perhaps I can get you some more if you find me.
Oh, and... tell Evi that I thank her dearly, if you see her.

(diede leaves)

Je: Eh? What was that all about?
...You're lookin' at me all funny. Did he talk about the Oran Berries? That story's real embarrassin'.

[Do you ever get angry?]

Je: What d'ya mean by that, challenger? Are you still thinkin' I'm doing an act? 'Cus I'm no good at actin', I jus' know how to get excited, is all.
Though, well, there was a point where I got upset a whole lot, but that's cus I kept thinking about bad people all the time. Real loud in my head, an' all.
Now, though, I got so many nice folk with me I can think about instead. Like Hec, and Max, and Evi, and Fleur, and Didi... oh, and you, too!
So, don't worry about me, oke, challenger? You still aren't a lil' champion yet, after all. Bigger Goldeens to fry, 'r however that saying goes.

(je has the two walk back to the entrance)

Je: Now c'mon, let's go use that Wailord-Gro on some berries!
Ooh, maybe a growed-up Figy Berry'll taste nice.

(if, back in comercia city, you talk to evi...)

Evi: Hm? Diede wishes to tell me something?
Perhaps if he understood how cell phones worked, he could just tell me himself, but very well.

[He says "thank you"]

Evi: Why on earth would he be saying that...
(immediately starts blushing) Oh.
W-well, it's not that big of a deal, is it? I simply saw a girl in need and chose to help.
Besides, is it not problematic of me to be with her? Clearly, I am but someone who thinks they can fix another human!
Is that not shameful of me!?

[But you love her for her passion?] [You aren't a very good liar.]

(evi's face gets even redder)

Evi: ...
L-look, just because you've bested me in Pokemon battle does not mean you're allowed to call me out like this, okay!?