(SCN: the challenger walks to the comercia city gym, but is blocked by one of its trainers, a short, blonde woman with her hair tied up in two buns.)

???: Where on earth did she get to this time...
Oh, are you looking to enter the gym? I'd love to let you, but unfortunately the other trainers need to look for someone first.
Say, if you happen to stumble across a Perrserker, could you follow it? It should lead you right where you need to.

(as the challenger wanders around, looking for this "someone", they find a gaylissean perrserker pointing away from an alley.)

Perrserker: Neeeow.

(it runs off into the alley, and should the challenger follow... they'll get to the end of the alley, where a tall woman almost entirely hidden in a purple quilted blanket, with white fuzzy trim at the edges, is sitting, head hunched over and eyes closed.)

???2: Perrserker... Tr... Trick Room... Par... Parting Sh...

(the aforementioned blonde girl shows up behind the challenger, arms crossed.)

???: Ah, there you are. Honestly, if this were anyone else disappearing, I'd be far more worried.
[sigh] She fell asleep here, too, didn't she. What was she doing here, anyways?

(she looks to the bundle of pages on the ground, where there's lots of drawings of perrserker.)

???: Oh. Well, how about that.
It seems she's found a place for you in her team, Perrserker. Good on you.

Perrserker: Neow!

???: I want to get mad at her for doing this all the time, but really, that passion is why I hold her in such high regard.
If it weren't for her, I'm sure we'd never know of so many creative strategies to Pokemon Battling.

Evi: Ah, but where are my manners? I'm Evi, a gym trainer for Comercia City.

[Just a trainer?] [Not the leader?]

Evi: Hm, do I carry myself that well?
No, as much as I'd love to pretend to, our dear leader is none other than...
Actually, I suppose I have no reason to prepare introductions when I need to get the gym ready. I'll allow you the opportunity to wake her up yourself.

(she leaves, and the challenger walks towards the woman on the ground...)

???2: Zzzzzzzzzzz--eh?
Oh, s'a little child person. Hello, little child person.
I don't think you're from 'round Comercia, so you must be here f'r the gym challenge, right?

[Yes?] [Who are you?]

???2: Oh! Er, my name is very short. Small. Yes.
Well, er, not small. I'm very big, I think.
Though maybe I don't have... comparators for that...
Haven't really been to other places, so maybe I'm not so big in Unova 'r whathaveyou.
Do you think other places have tall girls? I wanna meet some tall girls, I think that'd be nice...
What were we talking about, again?

[Your name?] [Who are you!?!?]

Je: Yes, right! I'm Je, the gym leader here, yes.
My challenge is all about seeing if you know when slow Pokemon go fast. Er, last I 'member, anyway.
I think you'll find it fun, maybe. I hope so?
It's breezy in here.
Oh, wait, I slept outside again. Aw, I hope I don't catch a cold.
(as she walks away, extremely slowly) I get slower when that happens and my friends get all mad at me f'r taking so much time gettin' on the field...