(SCN: Miklan has been defeated in a Pokemon battle by the challenger; he kneels down desperately)

Miklan: You... you...
You punk! Do you know what you're doing!?
This world is disgusting! Putrid! It throws men like me away as if we were dirt, elevating the scum as if they were beauty!
I'll fix it all... make it for me... mine, all mine, as it should be.
But you think you can stop me? No, no, you are but a child.
That means all I have to do...

(He quickly sprints towards the challenger)


(It quickly cuts to white, looking like the challenger was knocked out...)

Je: ...S'a bit rude to kidnap a child like that, I think.

(...but Je suddenly appears in front of the challenger, still with blanket on, blocking him effortlessly)

Je: Sheesh, honestly. Y'never learned how to be polite, did ya, Miklan?

Miklan: Who are you? H-how do you know me!?

Je: Eh? Do I really look that different now?
I know Max always tells me I do, but I jus' thought they were flatterin' and all.
Maybe it's the hair or somethin'...

Miklan: Quit your muttering, woman, and answer me!

Je: Hmmmm, what to do, what to do.
Aha, I know! Hey, does this look familiar to you...

(She quickly shoves him off, and throws off her blanket... revealing a thick scar, going down the length of her upper arm)

Je: Brother?

Miklan: W-WHAT!?

Je: Y'know, Evi said I could cover it with some armbands if I wanted to, but... I always liked this scar.
Cus' it's proof that I know how to stand my ground. After all, if I can withstand the Night Slash from your Mighteyena without budgin' an inch, then I can withstand anything!

(Je looks back)

Je: Challenger, you go on up ahead.
Don't worry, you already did half the fight f'r me--Miklan is nothing without his Pokemon to hide behind.