Comercia City - A sleepy community on a quiet side of the region with short, dense brick apartment buildings, most famous for its thrift stores, eateries, bakeries filled with sweets, and its sizeable parks to eat those sweets in. Tourists often report that a suspicious individual can be seen crawling the streets at night, only to find out that it's just the city's gym leader forgetting to sleep indoors again.

Summary of Je - The psychic-type gym leader of Comercia City, known for being slow and forgetful, roaming the city streets out of a need to find something interesting. Can sometimes be seen getting excited about "cute" Pokemon, usually the ones that no other person would ever see as such. Often gets too dizzy to stand on her own after wandering for too long, needing the help of her gym trainers or her older brother to get back home. Unlike most gym leaders, her "trainers" aren't students or pupils, instead being a tight group of very close friends she loves dearly, though gossipers regularly note how strange it is that they all live with her in an apartment with less than four bedrooms...

She has long, puffy, graying hair, long enough to where, even when she wraps it in a tight ponytail complete with a large bun at the top, it still touching her back, and bright teal eyes that seem to always look tired if she isn't battling. 99% of the time, nobody ever sees her body, as it's wrapped in a thick, pink fleece blanket that that she carries with her like a robe, large enough to nearly touch her ankles, despite her massive height being far and away taller than anyone else in the region. One would wonder why she wears it so often, even during the summer heat, but when she throws it off in battle, revealing only slim running shoes, a thin pair of pastel galaxy-patterned tights and a matching sports bra, it turns out that's probably the only thing keeping her warm. Much like her favorite Pokemon, she's quite bulky, with stretch marks adorning her abdomen, but still unexpectedly fast regardless of her chubbiness. Has a thick scar on one arm that she's noticeably proud of, though she never gets around to explaining where it came from.

Relationships -

(SCN: the player is going to the gym, nestled between apartment buildings at the north, but there's a strange woman in a massive, fluffy purple blanket blocking the door, sleeping.)

???: Zzzzzzzzzzz.
Eh? Oh, a little child person.
Hello, little child person.
I think you are here for... the gym challenge. I think?

[Yes?] [Who are you?]

(both of these give same answer, true to pokemon canon:tm:)

???: Oh! Er, my name is very short. Small. Yes.
Well, er, not small. I'm very big, I think.
Though maybe I don't have... comparators for that...
Haven't really been to other places, so maybe I'm not so big in Unova 'r whathaveyou.
Do you think other places have tall girls? I wanna meet some tall girls, I think that'd be nice...
What were we talking about, again?

[Your name?] [Who are you!?!?]

Je: Yes, right! I'm Je, the gym leader here, yes.
My challenge is all about seeing if you know when slow Pokemon go fast. Er, last I 'member, anyway.
I think you'll find it fun, maybe. I hope so?
It's breezy in here.
Oh, wait, I slept outside again. Aw, I hope I don't catch a cold again.
(as she walks away, extremely slowly) I get slower when that happens and my friends get all mad at me f'r taking up so much time gettin' on the field...

(NPCs, a girl and her mother, at the corner of town)

Girl: I'm serious! I saw it the moment she glanced at that Meowth!

Mom: Do you mean Je? As in, the slow psychic-type gym leader?
She barely looks like she could go a half a kilo an hour with how she walks!

Girl: No, but I saw her looking at it, and when she took off her blanket...
It was like she was a different person! Sprinting at it faster than a track and field star!

Mom: Look, just because her Pokemon can make slower things faster doesn't mean she can just do that for herself all willy-nilly!

(A stray Galarian Meowth sits nears them...)

Meowth: Mee-ow.
(It seems shook up, like it spent some time recently trying to run from something.)

(gym intro)

Ref: Welcome, challenger, to the psychic-type gym challenge! This will quiz your knowledge of Pokemon and speed!
As you must already know, who moves first in Pokemon is determined by their speed.
However, what you may not know is of all the ways moves and effects can change that order!
During these doubles battles, we will ask questions about which Pokemon will go first.
Answer correctly, and you will be shielded from all critical hits. Answer incorrectly, and your opponent will be more likely to land them!
Choose carefully, trainer!

Luci: I'll set the stage for the first question. I tried to make it easy for you, so don't mess it up!


Ref: Question one!
Of these two Pokemon, who will strike first?
(CORRECT ANSWER: MR MIME) Correct! Mr. Mime is the faster of these two Pokemon.

Luci [post-loss]: Was it too easy for you?

Felicia: Alright, time to start getting to the more complicated stuff. Hope you're ready!


Ref: Question two!
If Rapidash were to use Zen Headbutt, and Espeon were to use Quick Attack, who would go first?
(CORRECT ANSWER: ESPEON) Correct! Even though Rapidash is faster, even a slow Quick Attack goes before a speedy regular attack.

Felicia [post-loss]: Aw, you still got me.

El: This is where we test your real knowledge in battle. Be prepared for anything!


Ref: Question three!
If Musharna were to use Psychic, and Swoobat were to use Trick Room, who would go first?
(CORRECT ANSWER: MUSHARNA) Correct! No matter what, Trick Room will always go last in a turn.

(swoobat uses trick room; dimensions twisted)

Ref: Final question!
If the dimensions are twisted and both Musharna and Swoobat use Psychic, who will go first?

[Musharna] [Swoobat] [Je seeing a cute Pokemon]

Ref: (CORRECT ANSWER: MUSHARNA) Correct! Musharna is slower, and under the effects of Trick Room, the slowest Pokemon moves first!
(ALSO CORRECT ANSWER: JE) Wait, you've seen her run like that too!?
E-er, I mean... well, she can run pretty fast, and humans do seem to be unaffected by Trick Room, so I'll count this as correct.

El [post-loss]: Hm. Perhaps you do have a chance against our leader...

(in the gym, walking down the field as Je takes ten light years to get to the center)

Je: Ooooooof.
Maybe shouldn't've tried pettin' that Meowth... back hurty.
Hopefully I'll get a bath once I'm back home. Baths make things feel better, I think.
I'll just make this quick f'r myself and then I can go home and rest a whole lot...
Oh! Hello again, little child person. Guess I need to beatcha to get my bath, huh.

(battle starts with Je lazily walking into position, back facing the player)

Je: Well, if I gotta get this over with quickly...

(she stands still, eyes closed...)

Je: S'pose I'll just make all my slowest Pokemon outspeed yours.

(and then suddenly, her eyes bulge out, as she stands and throws away the blanket to the crowd, revealing gym-colored sports bra, tights, and a massive, toothy grin, and starts getting hyperactive and moving around everywhere.)

Je: I'll have this done in six turns or less. Don't keep me waiting, child!


Indeedee-F (F) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Psychic Surge
- Follow Me
- Heal Pulse
- Helping Hand
- Psychic

Bronzong @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
- Trick Room
- Zen Headbutt
- Gyro Ball
- Hypnosis

Sigilyph @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Tinted Lens
- Trick Room
- Psyshock
- Air Slash
- Whirlwind

Reuniclus @ Life Orb
Ability: Magic Guard
- Trick Room
- Focus Blast
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball

(when trick room is up and one of Je's pokemon goes first)

Je: Surprised, child? This is the culmination of slow power becoming breakneck speed!

(two pokemon down, reuniclus comes out)

Je: So long as I still have the power to control speed, I will not fail!

(and then she proceeds to throw the gigamax ball by just literally fucking punting that shit up there)

Je: Reuniclus and I will go full-throttle as long as necessary... Go, G-Max Cultivate!

Gigantamax Reuniclus: A large petri dish that floats in the air; eyes are at the bottom looking through the glass, with two bulbous arms above for attacks.

Gigantamaxing was so strong for this Pokemon, it had to quickly build its own head protection out of pure crystallized energy to ensure it doesn't crush under its own power.
It was said that the invention of the petri dish came about after a scientist had seen the clear protective surface this forme sits on.

G-Max Cultivate [PSYCHIC]: Leech seeds the opponent's side of the field after attack.

(post-loss, she trips to the ground and rubs her back, as a crowd member helpfully throws her blanket directly over top of her)

Je: Eh? Aw, jeez...

(fluffs her blanket back into looking like a cape, she goes back to looking all sleepy, sitting up and walking slowly towards the challenger.)

Je: Whoof. Doin' that bit's already a bit tiring f'r me when I'm winning, but you made it even tougher taking so long.
Little chi--no, challenger. S'pose you deserve that title, at least. Allow me to give you this.


Je: Gosh, that was a rush. Wait, s'that a good rush?
Ohhhh wait I think this is the kind where all the blood rushes t'your head and...

(Je falls to the ground, fade to black)

(fade back into waiting area, where the three gym trainers are surrounding j, who's still sitting down)

Luci: sigh What did we say about overexerting yourself like that?

Je: That doing too much makes the body go bad?

El: I'm confident we said it more elegantly than that, but yes.
I know some challengers get you heated and all, but you need to stop pushing yourself.

Je: But I don't mean'ta...

(felicia turns around to the challenger, looking on nearby)

Felicia: Sorry about that. She likes to make it seem like it's some psychic energy making her do all that stuff during the battle, but really, she just enjoys putting on a show.
I swear, we're supposed to be training under her, but half the time she's just taking advice and help from us...
Oh, I'm guessing she couldn't give you the TM for this gym? I'll do that for you now.

[YOU GOT TMWLW - Trick Room]

Felicia: I'm sure I don't need to explain what Trick Room does after all that, right? Set it up, and suddenly your slowest, bulkiest Pokemon will outspeed the competition!

Luci: Much like our leader pretends to, regrettably.

Je: Slow leader stays slow for now, thank youuuu.

El: Felicia, could you help bring her home? We ought to not trust her to do that herself.

Felicia: Right. Apologies, trainer, but we must get going.

(after leaving the gym, a man appears before the challenger, flying down from the back of a Charizard, and walks towards them)

???: Excuse me, I was told the gym leader here had collapsed after a fight.
Could you tell me where she went?

[She's heading home.] [She already left.]

???: Ah, her trainers likely had to help her back home again, didn't they. I suppose I can just give her supplies later.
Guess I don't need to be the protective older brother all the time, with folks like them around.

[Brother...?] [Older...???]

Hec: Oh, where are my manners? Hec, member of the Elite Four. Pleased to meet you.
I know, me being the older one might sound surprising, but it's the truth.
She isn't old or so sickly she can't move, or anything of that sort, her collapsing is just what happens when someone gets hyperactive for too long.
And also wanders for hours on end. And forgets to eat, sometimes.
...On second thought, maybe I should catch up with her now.
Ah, but before I do, you can have this.


Hec: This region already has ways to let you be transported from city to city, but having a Pokemon you trust do it for you is always nice.

Charizard: Groooaaaar!

Hec: Right, I need to go. I hope to see you again, challenger!

(hec hops back on the charizard, and flies off)